How to SUPERCHARGE your HR Career with Professional Development – LinkedIn Live Event

October 23, 2022

How to SUPERCHARGE your Career with Professional Development – Click HERE to Access LinkedIn Live

HR professionals tend to pour into those around them and miss opportunities to invest in themselves. Join us for a down-to-earth conversation in which you will learn how to:

– Define what professional development means to you
– How to properly establish a baseline through self-assessments and feedback
– Identifying a good mix of goals that align with your desired future state
– Learn how to be creative in obtaining resources in support of your goals
– Utilizing your network in support of your goals
– Get your closest circle to serve as your accountability partners
– Properly position yourself, as you accomplish, for your future state

Anthony Howard has dedicated his entire career to professional development for himself and others. Join us as he shares how he has applied these techniques in hopes of you SUPERCHARGING your HR career.


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