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If you are based within the Greater Atlanta area, we offer Live In-Person Courses to prepare you for the PHR or SPHR certification

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“I just love this program, materials and the instructors.” -

Tina M. –Austin, TX

“Everything has been wonderful.  No issues on the streaming side. The instructors are great so far.  The website is pretty easy to navigate through and I love having the ability to access it anywhere. I also really appreciate these weekly emails from you! It really goes to show the extent to which everyone involved in running this program truly cares about each individuals success.”

Stephanie B. - Aloha, OR

“The session went great! I tested everything beforehand. I had no issues during the streaming session. The content was great. I enjoyed the real life examples used throughout the session.”

Melody O. – Atlanta, GA

“The class was great, the content was clear and relevant. I really understood the content. I appreciate your checking in on me. I think I chose a great provider to start this journey and hoping to take my exam by Dec or Jan and ace it the first time!”

Shakia M., St. Kitts

“Awesome course! I love that the tech allowed me to participate from various places. I have a really tough schedule and this is really helpful for me to be able to attend on the go and—if I couldn’t make the scheduled time—I could just watch later.”

Rhonda M., Sarasota, FL

"I just want you to know this class is so wonderful, packed with great information that keep you wanting more. Cari and Anthony are amazing! I enjoyed session 2, learned so much and I look forward to session 3"

Valerie - Chicago, IL

“I have taken many online courses like this one, but was pleasantly surprised by the high-quality of this course!”

LaToya W., Fairview, TX

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